What should we pay attention to when choosing an interior door...

14 December 2023

While doors were used as a measure of security in history, today doors have become an important part of style and design. The best door choice is the one that reflects your style, adds value to the environment, and has high quality.
The design of your home, workplace, garage, garden gains value with the door you choose. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right door model, the right material and the right color for you.
Using outdated doors in a house designed according to the latest trends will make the house look quite old and bad, and no matter how beautifully decorated it is, it will not stand out and remain dull.

Yes, doors; It is important for things such as security and preventing the cold, but nowadays the door is also very important as completing a space, apart from its main purpose. Although it may seem like a small detail, the place of the door in decoration and architecture is too important to be ignored.

 Even the color of the door helps add a different atmosphere to your home. For this reason, when choosing a door, you should evaluate it in terms of both reliability and stylish appearance.
In houses with small square meters, it may be a good choice to choose doors in light colors to make the environment appear more spacious and bright. Although light colors are the colors that reveal stains quickly, they make the house look spacious, stylish and beautiful. For this reason, white or light-colored door models have been preferred more in recent years.

There are also glass patterned, plain patterned and both glass and patterned door models. Those with glass patterns are not used very often, and even if they are used, they are only used as living room or kitchen doors. The reason for this is that since the glass shows the inside of the room, it is difficult to use it in places such as bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms and toilets in terms of privacy. However, glass doors can be used for places such as living rooms and kitchens. Choosing glass doors may be advantageous for dark corridors to receive light.
With developing technology, it is possible to find door types in the door industry that are produced with different systems, diversified with different materials, and privileged with different patterns, suitable for every taste and economy.

When choosing American doors, which have been among the most preferred doors in recent years, it is important for the decoration integrity of your room to pay attention to the color of your laminate flooring.
Using light colors is to match any furniture decoration. When different colors are involved, incompatibilities may occur. In order to prevent such situations, double-colored interior doors are produced. And it is applied in models suitable for all areas, mostly on American panel doors. The reason for this is that the structure of the American door is suitable for every color and it can be painted easily.