Laminate Flooring, which is produced as a result of bonding MDF sheets to laminate coatings; Due to its reasonable price, easy and fast application, long-lasting and hygienic, sound and heat insulation, it is the most preferred flooring material today. At the same time, it is preferred because it does not contain harmful chemicals. Although the parquets are sold alone, In order to prevent the hardness on the floor, a plastic mattress should be applied under the parquet, and a skirting board should be mounted on the connection parts with the wall for a decorative stylish appearance. Although the colors of the laminate flooring vary according to the preference, you can find various color catalogs on our website. Laminate flooring prices, the area to be applied, It varies according to the parquet model, size and dimensions.

Since 1947, we have been bringing you parquets that adapt to both classical and modern styles. Like all forest products, Ercan Concept also supplies parquet, which is the type of coating used in flooring. Parquets, which provide advantages such as cleaning, durability, color preservation without fading, and thermal insulation, have become one of the most preferred flooring types in the world. At the same time, they have the advantage of having a long service life. .Parquets are cheaper, more durable and hygienic than other flooring materials. The most preferred colors in laminate flooring, which has many color options, are colors such as gray, rose, spruce, walnut, oak, light oak. Ercan Concept laminate flooring in all colors and models provides.

We diversify the laminate flooring we supply for your home and office as Standard Jointed, Granite Look, Standard Jointless. You can order floor covering materials such as skirting boards, under-parquet insulation materials, threshold and silicone products along with floorings of various thicknesses and sizes.